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Timeless Stitches is a series of articles written by Sharon Vesecky and Liz Granberg-Jerome who are taking turns writing about a variety of quilting and stitching topics. These articles were previously published in the Baldwin City Community News and, more recently, in The Maple Weekly. We are posting them here with permission for those who don't subscribe to the local Baldwin City paper and we hope you enjoy them!

Springtime Ahhs..., Liz Granberg-Jerome, 5 Apr 2024

Scrap Quilts, Sharon Vesecky, 28 Mar 2024

Quilting with Friends is the Best!, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 28 Feb 2024

Star Quilts, Sharon Vesecky, 9 Feb 2024

When Your Quilting Mojo Takes a Holiday, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 26 Jan 2024

Quilters' Paradise History, Sharon Vesecky, 3 Jan 2024

Small Gifts, Sharon Vesecky, 10 Dec 2023 -- File includes the potholder patterns mentioned in the published article

Holiday Shopping for Quilters, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 29 Nov 2023

The Joy of Visiting Quilt Shops, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 15 Nov 2023

Thank a Veteran, Sharon Vesecky, 1 Nov 2023

Quilting Connects the Generations, Sharon Vesecky, 18 Oct 2023

Seamstress vs. Quilter, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 4 Oct 2023

What Makes a Quilt a Quilt?, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 20 Sep 2023

A Trip Down Memory Lane, Sharon Vesecky, 6 Sep 2023

A Fun Time of Year, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 23 Aug 2023

More Inspiration, Sharon Vesecky, 27 Jul 2023

Adapting to Make it Your Own, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 13 Jul 2023

Where Do Quilters Get Their Inspirations?, Sharon Vesecky, 29 Jun 2023

Meeting a Challenge, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 15 Jun 2023

Time Flies When You're Having Fun, Sharon Vesecky, 25 May 2023

Border Tips for Square Quilts, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 4 May 2023

Mystery Quilts, Sharon Vesecky, 13 Apr 2023

How to Keep Your Longarm Quilter Happy!, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 9 Mar 2023

What's Old is New Again--The Vintage Linen Craze, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 23 Feb 2023

Favorite Quilts, Sharon Vesecky, 9 Feb 2023 -- includes recipe for Pecan Pie Muffins

Simple Ways to Hang Quilts, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 22 Jan 2023

Review & Resolution, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 26 Dec 2022

Shop Your Stash, Sharon Vesecky, 8 Dec 2022 -- includes recipe for Apricot Balls

Measure Twice and Cut Once, Sharon Vesecky, 17 Nov 2022 -- includes recipe for Rollo Treats

Getting Ready for Maple Leaf, Sharon Vesecky, 13 Oct 2022

Quilting Lingo: BOM or QAL, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 29 Sep 2022

The Festival is Coming!, Sharon Vesecky, 15 Sep 2022

Quilt Shop Hopping While on Vacation, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 1 Sep 2022

Quilters Have Big Hearts, Sharon Vesecky, 11 Aug 2022

Quilting Lingo: WOF & LOG, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 28 Jul 2022

Local County Fairs & Quilts, Sharon Vesecky, 7 Jul 2022

Quilting by Machine, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 23 Jun 2022

It's Not a Quilt Until It's Quilted, Sharon Vesecky, 9 Jun 2022

Quilting Lingo: Paper Piecing Techniques, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 20 May 2022

Seven Quilt Tops, Sharon Vesecky, 12 May 2022

Shop Hops are Coming!, Sharon Vesecky, 14 Apr 2022

Quilting Lingo: Adding Triangles, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 31 Mar 2022

Finding a Hobby, Sharon Vesecky, 17 Mar 2022

Quilting Lingo: Domestic Sewing Machine/DSM, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 2 Mar 2022

Cook & Sew, Sharon Vesecky, 16 Feb 2022 -- includes recipe for Sausage Muffins

Quilting Lingo: Overview, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 3 Feb 2022

New Beginnings, Sharon Vesecky, 19 Jan 2022

2022 Block of the Month Program, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 5 Jan 2022

Fabric Fairy, Sharon Vesecky, 22 Dec 2021

Quilts and the Holidays, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 8 Dec 2021

Quilts for our Veterans, Sharon Vesecky, 10 Nov 2021

Beating the Pandemic, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 27 Oct 2021

Maple Leaf Quilt Show Origins, Sharon Vesecky, 13 Oct 2021

Amazing Fabric Art, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 13 Oct 2021

Tradition, Liz Granberg-Jerome, 1 Sep 2021

Local Needle Art, Sharon Vesecky, 11 Aug 2021

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