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GDQ 5.5" 60 Degree Triangle Ruler

GDQ 5.5" 60 degree triangle ruler is our newest addition. This ruler, with points on all three tips, is small enough to fit in your hand and easy to work with when reversing the triangle to cut alternating directions. The ruler is etched with 1/4" lines to line up with your strips for cutting triangle sets for the Hexified Panel Quilts or One Block Wonders. A 1/4" line is etched along each long side to allow you to preview what will appear after seams are sewn. Being clear acrylic, you can easily see through the ruler to fussy cut triangles as desired. Diagonal lines on opposite corners are etched at 1", 2", and 3", so the same ruler can be marked for more than one strip width at a time.

Comes with a complimentary GDQ Cleaner: Great for bobbin areas & under feed dogs! (not available for resale)

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