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Timeless Stitches: Finding a Hobby, 17 Mar 2022

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Timeless Stitches
Published in The Baldwin City Community  News
March 17, 2022

--Sharon Vesecky

It is not unusual to hear a report on the news about an increase in depression and feelings of isolation. It is speculated that the depression and isolation feelings are directly related to staying home more to avoid contact with the corona virus. While some individuals viewed the time alone as an opportunity to work on projects and hobbies, others had no idea what to do with themselves. Perhaps they fell into the habit of spending more time on social media or watching television. A lot of that content is not exactly uplifting!


One suggestion for coping with the isolation is to get involved in a hobby. It can be music, a craft, sewing and other needle arts, woodworking, baking, drawing or painting, or something as simple as coloring in a color book. The important thing is to find the activity that is a good fit for you! Some research data has shown that sewing lowers a participants’ blood pressure; but some people tell me that sewing stresses them or that they do not have the patience to sew--not a good fit! The hobby needs to be enjoyable and relaxing. I can be very tired near the end of the day, but if I sit down at the sewing machine, I get a second wind and can push fabric through that machine for a couple more hours.


We are very fortunate to live in a community that offers numerous activities. If you are interested in starting or resuming a hobby, check the schedules at the Lumberyard Arts Center, the Recreation Department, the city library, and Quilters’ Paradise. You will find a variety of classes and interest groups just waiting for you to explore your interests. Now that we can meet in person, Quilters’ Paradise is offering classes again. They are not limited to just quilting--sometimes another needle art slips in. This month we are offering a rug hooking class for the first time! For help with drawing or painting you will find artists at the Lumberyard that can be a great help. The Recreation Department has some activities that are ongoing and some that are offered a single time. Either way it is a good way to meet new people and form new friendships. Another way to meet people is to join a book club or other group at the library. The important thing is to find a creative way to fill those empty hours.

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