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Timeless Stitches: Tradition, 1 September 2021

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Timeless Stitches
Printed in the Baldwin City Community News
September 1, 2021

--Liz Granberg-Jerome

Many quilters today are carrying on a tradition that goes back generations in their families. For myself, my mother didn’t make her first quilt until my first child was born in 1977 and then only a few after that. We were both seamstresses, sewing clothes for ourselves and our children for over 50 years each. In 2004, I left my home in Kansas and returned to my childhood home in California to care for my parents during their final years. By that time I had burned out on sewing; however, I was encouraged to begin quilting by my sister-in-law and a long-time friend from high school days. It was a hobby I could do at home while caring for my father after my mom died.


In 2008 I enrolled in a quilting class at the local Adult Education Center with my friend and began my journey. The instructor, who was also a friend, told me I should be teaching the class soon after I started. My ability to explain how to make different quilting units in a way that my fellow students understood came naturally. I was flattered, but continued to learn and try different techniques to expand my quilting repertoire over the next six years while caring for Dad.


When I returned to Kansas in 2012, my quilting journey took several twists and turns. I joined a quilt guild where I continued to learn and share. Soon after I moved to Baldwin City and was offered the opportunity to teach quilting classes at Quilters’ Paradise. As requests for classes started coming in, if there was a technique I didn’t know, I took the time to learn it well enough to pass along that knowledge in small classes held at the shop.


Six years later I’ve now taught many classes around the Midwest and as far away as California in shops or for guilds, taught multiple classes at the 2017 and 2019 Kansas City Regional Quilt Festivals, and am now offering our local quilting classes in the studio/classroom at the Lumberyard Arts Center through their partnership with Quilters’ Paradise. I enjoy helping others learn as beginners or assisting other quilters hone their skills to become better quilters. Sharing my passion and teaching new techniques to others and seeing the spark of passion awaken in them is what quilting is all about. Quilters are part of a greater community of talented and compassionate people who love their hobby and cheerfully share with others.


Don’t forget the Community Emergency Fund raffle quilt is still in process! Watch for announcements of future Quilting Bees at Sullivan Square or the Lumberyard Arts Center. The quilt will also be at the Maple Leaf Quilt Show during Maple Leaf Festival. Many hands make the work go faster. We’d love to have the hand quilting complete in time to finish and draw the winning ticket for the quilt at the Holiday Lights Parade, which will be here before we know it! Needles and thread will be available, so join us to add a few or more than a few stitches to make this truly a community quilt!

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