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About Quilters' Paradise

Sharon Vesecky

Quilters' Paradise Quilt Shop opened its doors at its present location January 3, 1989. Its owner, Sharon Vesecky, is a fourth generation quilter and an accomplished needlewoman. Daughters Laura Davids and Leanne Dunworth both quilt and Leanne is the family weaver. Granddaughters Tessa, Alison, Lacey, and Holly all made several quilts as part of their 4-H heritage arts projects, and granddaughter Sofia, at age eight, is following in their footsteps. Sharon introduced all the granddaughters to needlework with Sashiko kits and Sofia is currently stitching on hers. The others have day jobs or college studies, but all have been involved with the store, especially during special events.

Machine quilting service is provided by Cathy Miles, Laura, and Sharon; Melinda Sevedge’s specialty is inventory and customer service. Classes are taught by Liz Granberg-Jerome, Laura and Sharon, but unfortunately we have been unable to offer classes lately because of the pandemic. Watch the calendar for updates in spring 2021 for new class offerings.

If you have questions about quilting or need help with a project, this is the place to come. Together, Cathy and Sharon have over one hundred years of experience in quilting and even more years of experience in garment construction. They cheerfully help resolve sewing/quilting questions.

Sharon lives on a farm with husband John. Among his farming operations is raising turkeys. One of Sharon’s friends calls Quilters’ Paradise the “one stop shop.” It’s the only place in town where you can buy fabric and other sewing supplies, buy a handmade wooden quilt hanger, get your quilt top quilted, purchase nuts and Watkins vanilla and cinnamon for your holiday baking, get your pants hemmed, rent a tuxedo, experience friendly conversation, and order your Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey!

We are located in Baldwin City, the Quilt Capital of Kansas!  Don't hesitate to drop by Quilter's Paradise on your way through Kansas. We would love to see you.

Feel free to call with questions on quilting or sewing in general, and you will be rewarded with a prompt, cheerful reply!
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About Quilters' Paradise

Quilters' Paradise Quilt Shop, owned and run by Sharon Vesecky, opened its doors in its current location on January 3, 1989.